Instructions for Online Meetings Using join.me

Step 1 - Meeting Access

Go to join.me/WR9Aradio in your web browser. We recommend logging on 10-15 minutes before the meeting's scheduled start time to allow for getting your computer configured for the event.

If the host has not yet started the meeting, you'll see this screen. Please wait patiently for the meeting to be activated.

Once the meeting gets activated, or if the online meeting has already been started by the host, you'll see this screen:

Step 2 - Request to Join the Meeting

Enter your amateur call sign (if none, enter your name or organization) and click "knock to join". The host is then notified and must approve each attendee. Please wait patiently to be admitted to the event.

Once your request to join the meeting is approved, you'll see the view being shared by the host. Notice the join.me toolbar at the top center of your screen:

Step 3 - Enabling Audio

At this point you are seeing the screen of the meeting host, but not hearing any sound. To enable audio for the meeting, click on the toolbar icon on the far left (looks like a telephone handset). You are presented with two options:

You may access the meeting audio by telephone using the information provided when you click that option (long distance charges may apply), or over the Internet using your computer's speakers (and microphone if connected). If you choose "Call via internet", you'll see something similar to this:

Click the download button, confirm your selection, and the very small app (join.me.exe) will download to your computer. Save it, then run it. You'll now see the meeting within the app itself, and you are presented with the option to connect to the audio stream:

Make sure your computer speakers are turned on and turned up, then click the green "Connect" button.

Step 4 - Welcome to the Meeting!

You should hear a brief welcome message, and you are now connected to the audio portion of the meeting. Your connection to the meeting is all done through the app now, so you may close or minimize your web browser, if you wish.

You may now resize the meeting window to your liking, and access some of the options available to you in the join.me toolbar. Welcome to the online meeting!