Net Information

Emergency nets can be activated at any time when the need arises.  SKYWARN nets are automatically activated when a severe thunderstorm warning or tornado warning is issued for Tippecanoe County by the National Weather Service.  Net operation procedures are available on the Plans web page.

Weekly training and information nets are conducted each Monday evening, starting at 8:00 PM local time.  On the 1st Saturday of each month, a net is held to facilitate the coordination and collection of status reports of the warning sirens in Tippecanoe County.  All amateurs in the area are invited to participate.  Participants are encouraged to check into the nets using the format requested by the Net Control Station.

Weekly Training Net 


Every Monday


8:00 p.m.


WI9RES 145.370 Repeater

Warning Siren Test Net


1st Saturday of month


10:45 a.m.


WI9RES 147.135 Repeater


Primary repeaters: WI9RES
147.135 MHz (+)  CTCSS: 131.8 Hz
145.370 MHz (-)  CTCSS: 131.8 Hz
443.500 MHz (+)  CTCSS: 131.8 Hz

Alternate 2M repeater: W9YB
146.760 MHz (-)  CTCSS: 131.8 Hz 

Link to Central Indiana SKYWARN Net:
N9KYB Frankfort repeater on
147.045 MHz (+)  CTCSS: 173.8 Hz
KA9VXS West Lafayette repeater on
443.775 MHz (+) CTCSS: 88.5 Hz

(During nets, for Liaison use *ONLY*.  Individuals should check into the local SKYWARN net on 147.135)
Packet frequency:  145.050 MHz
  TCARES Designated Frequencies  [21 DEC 2014]
  List of Local Repeaters  [14 MAR 2015]

Additional ARES frequencies may be found in the NET 1-3 document on the 
Plans page.

Local Repeater Status

    Operational (NOAA Wx Radio TOR/SVR)
145.370    Operational
443.500    Operational

   Operational - LINK to Indianapolis/CISW 

   Operational - LINK to Indianapolis/CISW  

146.760    Operational, IRLP operational
224.960    Operational
444.500    Operational, IRLP operational
    Operational, (user linking & routing)
444.300    Operational, (connected to REF024B, Indiana reflector)

Net Control Schedule

(Dark blue background indicates 1st Saturday of the month for Warning Siren Test Net.)




AUG 10

Warning Siren Information

Tippecanoe County Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) tests the warning sirens at 11:00 a.m. (local time) on the first Saturday of each month.  To aid in identifying and locating the sirens throughout the county, the following files are available:

    TEMA Warning Siren List.pdf 
  TEMA Warning Sirens Google Earth File.zip
  TEMA Warning Sirens Garmin GPS POI File.zip

Tippecanoe County ARES members are asked to use the above list as a reference to identify each siren being reported by its designated number or listed location.

Indiana ARES Nets

Indiana ARES conducts a statewide HF voice net every week on Sunday at 05:00 p.m. eastern time. It is held on or near 3900 kHz LSB. All ARES Field Organization appointees are requested to check into this net or delegate a team member to check in and represent their county.

Indiana ARES conducts a weekly digital net, using the Olivia 8/500 mode, on 3583 kHz USB (centered on 1000 Hz), at 8:30 p.m. local time, every Wednesday. Everyone is welcome to participate.