TCARES Net Reports

This web page provides net control operators an easy way to file their reports for Tippecanoe County ARES nets.

  • This form is to be used to file reports after the close of each net conducted by Tippecanoe County ARES.
  • Reports should be filed by both the primary and alternate net controls.

TCARES Net Report

If the submission of this form fails, please email your full report to:
Your Call Sign *
Type of Net *
Month *
Day *
Year *
Start time of net (local) *
Use 24-hour time, in this format: hh:mm
Primary Net Control Operator *
Alternate Net Control Operator *
Liaison Station Call Sign (if applicable)
Total Number of Net Participants *
Complete List of Net Participants *
List all net participants, including NCS, ANCS, liaisons. Indicate mobile with /m appended to call sign. Separate call signs with a comma and a space. (Example: WB9ABC, KC9ABC/m, W9ABC)
Details of Net
Include details, as appropriate for the type of net. Very lengthy reports may be emailed to:
End time of net (local) *
Use 24-hour time, in this format: hh:mm