SKYWARN Spotter Locations

To facilitate effective SKYWARN operations, there are 40 designated locations in Tippecanoe, Benton, Warren, and Fountain counties that may be suitable for mobile operators to station themselves for storm spotting activities.  Each of these locations provide mostly unobstructed views to the southwest through the north (except when the height of crops in adjacent fields may block the view), and an escape route to the east and/or south for fleeing imminent severe weather threats.

NOTE: Although many of these files reference 2012, they remain valid to the present time. All designated spotter locations listed here are still valid and will remain so until updated at some future date.

SKYWARN Spotter Location List and Map

Tippecanoe County was divided into three sections for the distribution and designation of spotter locations.  There are 8 locations in the north (N#), 9 in the central (C#), and 15 in the south (S#).  Locations were also identified in Benton (B#), Warren (W#), and Fountain (F#) counties.

Here is the list of spotter location designators, with latitude & longitude, a description of each position's location, and notes about each site:
    SKYWARN Spotter Location List 2012.pdf
(15 APR 2012) 

County maps showing their approximate locations:
    SKYWARN Spotter Location Map 2012.pdf
(15 APR 2012)

You can also click on the thumbnail image below to see a large (3MB) image of a map of all 4 counties:

Google Earth

Here is a file for Google Earth that plots each of the spotter locations.  (You will need to extract the KMZ file from the ZIP archive to load into Google Earth.)


Just the Coordinates, Please

Here is a comma-delimited CSV file containing the designator, latitude, and longitude of each of the spotter locations:  SKYWARN_Spotter_Locations_2012.csv

Coordinates Conversion Utility

Have trouble quickly converting GPS coordinates between the different formats?  Try this handy little utility that allows you to convert between coordinates given in degrees, degrees & minutes, or degrees, minutes & seconds:  DegMinSec.exe