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Network Operations AEC


Dan is from a family of many hams.  His uncle, brother, daughter, son-in-law, and niece all have their ham radio licenses.  His father, WA9BPO (SK), was his Boy Scout Communications Merit Badge leader, and he became interested in using Morse code and obtained a Novice license in 1956.  Within a year, he upgraded to his current license, WA9DDI.  His favorite activity was playing chess on a single-tube 40 meter CW transmitter with his scout friends, which was later upgraded to a Heathkit DX-60 and his dad’s HRO-50.

Being an “Air Force Brat”, Dan had the opportunity to participate in lots of radio activities from many different places.  He got his first DX QSL for his QTH in Illinois, and later moved to Indiana for a short time.  He spent several years in Turkey, without ham privileges, where he worked as the Youth Disc Jockey for the Armed Forces Far East Network, just to keep his mic skills polished.

Returning to the states to attend Purdue University’s newly established Electrical Engineering Technology program, Dan worked at the original WFAM-59, on McCarty Lane.  Facing an imminent draft into the Army, Dan enlisted into the Air Force in 1968, and was assigned to the Chanute AFB, Airborne Meteorological Atmospheric Research Equipment (Hurricane Hunters) school, where he graduated and became a resident instructor.  While stationed at Chanute, Dan obtained his Private Pilots License, and retrained into the Aircrew Training Devices Career Field (Flight Simulators).  His next assignment took him to Omaha, Nebraska, where he led a mobile training team utilizing a railroad car mounted simulator from South Dakota to Upper Peninsula Michigan.  During this time he operated amateur RR mobile while on the road.

His next assignment was his most exciting adventure for ham radio.  He was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, the middle of Typhoon Alley.  As an Air Force and Army MARS operator, he obtained a Japanese authorization to use the calls KA6AA, KA6DT, and KA6AF while in Japan, and provided an ARRL training program for US Forces to obtain their ham licenses.  He operated the Western Pacific Typhoon Net, which was the only available communications in and out of Guam during a devastating typhoon.  On several occasions, he had the opportunity to operate Aeronautical Mobile, and once provide mobile communications for a remote diving accident between the Air Force Command Post and the recovery helicopter.  Dan is most proud of winning the World Wide DX contest one year from Okinawa.

Dan’s next assignment was Shaw AFB, Sumter, South Carolina.  While there he used his ham skills to help the local Volunteer Fire Department upgrade their communications skills and equipment.  His next assignment was back to Okinawa, then to South Florida, participating in the National Hurricane Center’s HF and VHF storm watch programs.  While in Florida, Dan was licensed to teach Electronics in the Dade County Community College, which led him back to Lafayette, Indiana (home) upon his retirement.

Dan is now working at the Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. plant as a senior technical training associate.  He
is a member of the ARRL, the Tippecanoe Amateur Radio Association (TARA), Western Indiana Radio Emergency Services (WIRES), and Tippecanoe County ARES.

Planning AEC

Steve, W9TN

Operations and Training AEC

Stephen, WR9A

Stephen became interested in radio communications and electronics in the early 1970's as an avid shortwave listener.  First licensed as a technician in 1992, Stephen decided to get more active in the hobby by upgrading to general in 2001, then obtained his extra class license 4 months later.

He is an ARRL accredited Volunteer Examiner (VE), and ARECC instructor and examiner.  He enjoys a wide range of communications activities including DXing, experimenting, various digital modes, APRS, packet, D-STAR, satellites, signals analysis, mobile and portable field operations, and amateur radio public service (SKYWARN, ARES).

Stephen is a member of the Tippecanoe Amateur Radio Association (TARA), in which he has previously held offices, the Lafayette DX Association (LDXA), and serves as President of the Board of Directors of Western Indiana Radio Emergency Services, Inc. (W.I.R.E.S.), an organization that owns and operates local amateur radio repeaters and communications systems.

Stephen also served as the District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) for Indiana ARES District 4 from 2010 through early 2019.

Stephen's other interests include astronomy, aviation, weather, photography, music, and coin collecting.  He lives in Lafayette with his wife, Cheryl, K9HER, and works in Information Technology at Purdue University.

Logistics AEC

George, KB9GFB

George is a husband, father of 5, and grandfather of 5.  He is currently active with the Red Cross as a Disaster Action Team member and is a retired law enforcement officer.  He has also served as a volunteer in volunteer fire services, emergency management, Area 4 hazardous materials response team, and the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Volunteers in Police Service.

George's interest in amateur radio started in 2000 and he got his technician-class license in March 2001.  Then, his only radio died and he was "out of the hobby" for a while, returning in 2010 and upgrading to General later that year.

Technology AEC

Bobby, KP4CI

Bobby is a third generation ham. His interest in radios and electronics started at a very early age, in part due to his grandfather, KP4CI, who had owned an appliance and electronics store / repair shop since the mid 1930’s.  Bobby's interest in ham radio was sparked by watching his grandfather operate 2-meter portable in the early 70's, when KP4CI was getting back into the hobby.  With his grandfather's tutoring, Bobby started building radio kits at the age of 11.

Bobby got his Novice license in the early 1990's while attending Technology School in Columbus, Ohio, receiving the call WP4JBP.  Shortly after, he upgraded to Technician class, receiving the call he used for many years, WP4YJ.  He upgraded to extra class in 2000.  Bobby recently applied for and received his grandfather's call sign, and continues to honor the family tradition as KP4CI.

During his years as an amateur radio operator, he has belonged to and served in many clubs and ARES and RACES organizations in several states and the island of Puerto Rico.