Event Assitance 2021 Indiana Trail

CQ CQ CQ Calling All Radio Operators CQ CQ CQ,

Communications assistance has been requested for the 2021 Indiana Trial
100 at Chain O Lakes State Park in Albion on October 9th and 10th, 2021.
Radio Operators are being requested from 6am on October 9th all the way
through 12pm on October 10th. This 30-hour of operations has been split
into 5 separate 4-hour sessions. With 13 locations that means there are
65 operation sessions to fill, so there are plenty of opportunities to

This year we are excited to have a new edition, a portable 50-foot tower
with repeater. This was tested earlier this year at the location and
found that communications can be reached across the entire park, with an
HT, even that pesky Rally Camp that’s been causing issues the last few
years! The repeater frequency is 440.500/445.500 with PL 141.3, so
please program radios ahead!

Please take a moment to see where you can help and send me an email,
text, or call with what you would like to sign up for or if you have any
questions. EC’s and Club Presidents, please share with your teams and
club members!

Edward Scott, K9EJS

Whitley County ARES Emergency Coordinator

Whitley County Amateur Radio Club Secretary


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